Riprep with OEM NIC issue resolved!



I appologize in advance for cross posting this, but I saw people in
each of these newsgroups that had dealt with this problem before.

While designing and deploying a RIS installation at my company I ran
into an issue that I saw that many others have had. After searching
long and hard I saw that while many people had the problem, I couldn't
find anyone with a definitive answer. I just figured it out and wanted
to post it up for others to benefit from.

The issue in particular was needing to download a RIPREP image onto a
computer that had an integrated Intel Pro 100ve network card. When I
attempted to do so I kept getting an error message stating: "The
operating system you selected does not contain the necessary drivers
for your network adapter". I did research on this and found a couple of
M$ KB articles on this, but after doing everything in the articles it
still didn't work. The articles were KB254078 and KB246184 Both of them had good although
incomplete info. After beating my head on this for three days, we
finally coughed up the $245 and called M$. I had the issue resolved in
a little more than an hour.

Here are the steps to get this resolved...

I will be referring to several KB articles that have various pieces of
the total solution. This post is meant as a synopsis of all that is
necessary to make this work. I'm not going to retype everything in the
articles...just reference them. Here is what I did...these steps may
need to be modified based on your situation (i.e. different client OS,
different client NIC, etc)

Started off with Windows 2003 server running RIS. XP Pro SP2 clients.

Applied Hotfix referenced in KB823658 (binlsvc.dll).

Uploaded a slipstreamed XP Pro SP2 (volume license) CD to the RIS
server using the "Remote Installation Services Setup" program.

Follow the instructions in KB246184 "How to add third-party OEM Network
Adapters to RIS Installations"

Synopsis of KB246184:

VERY IMPORTANT!!! There is a "Note" section just above the "More
Information" section in the KB article. IGNORE the is
incorrect. M$ needs to correct that KB article!!! The note says that
that this article only applies to CD based RIS images and not to Riprep
images. It refers you to KB254078 instead for riprep images. You do
need to follow the instructions in 254078, but you also need to do the
steps in 246184 for Riprep images. (This is the info I found out during
my $245 phone call to M$ tech support.)

Download OEM NIC drivers and extract.

Copy the .inf and .sys files for the NIC to the
RemoteInstall\Setup\Language\Images\Dir_name\i386 folder.

Create a $OEM$ folder structure at the same level as the i386 folder.
the structure should be: \$oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC. NOTE: various M$ KB
articles reference this differently...some say "\NIC", others say
"network adapters". Either will work. You just need to be consistent
when you edit the ristndrd.sif or riprep.sif files.

Copy the OEM NIC drivers to the "nic" or "network adapter" (whichever
you called it) folder. Not just the inf and sys files...all the files

Edit the ristndrd.sif or riprep.sif that is located in the
\i386\templates folder. Add the following lines to the [Unattended]

DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
OemPreinstall = Yes
OemPnPDriversPath = "Drivers\nic"

Stop and restart the BINL Service on the RIS server:
net stop binlsvc
net start binlsvc

Now that you've got the RIS image working, it's time to create a RIPREP
image. follow the instructions in KB254078.

Synopsis of KB254078 (as relates to riprep images)
Part 1: Before uploading the image to the RIS server
Create a "sysprep" folder on the system drive (typically c:)

Create a "drivers" folder structure also on the system drive.
These will end up looking like:
\network adapter

Copy the NIC drivers into the "network adapter" folder.

Create a sysprep.inf file in the sysprep folder and add the following
two lines to it:

OemPnPDriversPath = "Drivers\network adapter"

Upload to the RIS server using riprep.exe

Part 2: After uploading to the RIS server (this is the part that isn't
in the KB article)
Follow the instructions in KB 246184.

Note on Intel network cards...
I found the following info on a forum on Mark Minasi's web site. It was
posted by a user named jrsweb. His situation was very similar to mine.
I am using his post to write the following section, so it will be very
similar. Thanks jrsweb for the following info!!! You can read the whole
thread for yourself at: this may be out
of date, but I made the change on my system just in case.

There is (was?) a bug in the binl parser. You have to modify the .inf
files (in the example that I dealt with on a Latitude D505 with the Pro
100VE card). The binl parser can't process any section that has a "."
in it. The key section of the inf for XP in the 100VE drivers (file
name is e100b325.inf) is named [Intel.NTx86]. Remove the "." or rename
that section to something like [Intel], and binl won't ignore that

That's it...hopefully this will help you get up and running faster than
what it took me!
Jarvis Davis
Technology Systems Architect
Campus Crusade for Christ


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