RIPREP Image does not appear on RIS menu


Kenneth Belferman


I'm running RIS on 2003 Server. I created a RIPrep image of an XP install.
All seemed to go well. The files exist on the RIS server in the Remote
Install directory and when I go to AD Users and Computers and get Properties
on the RIS server, the XP image is in the list of images. However, when I
boot a client computer to RIS, the XP image does not appear in the list of

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Mark Parter

I've experienced this "probelm" myself. On closer
inspection, it turned out I had so many images that they
went of the screen on the install wizard, I was able to
get to them by using the down arrow.

If you've only got a few images though then this is
obviously not your problem.

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