right click = install shield before menu item



Hi guys, I'm having a problem all of a sudden. When I right click on things
I get an install shield for adobe acrobat, after a 10-20 second "load" the
install shield goes away and the right click menu comes up. This happens on
shortcuts, start menu items, drive letters pretty much anything.

Any ideas?


This is almost certainly happening because Acrobat has installed a 'context
menu item' on the rightclick action. Coupled with the fact that your Acrobat
installation is broken, you have this effect.

My advice would be to take a look at Foxit Reader. If this meets your needs
(and it unfortunately cannot deal with all requirements) it's smaller, faster
and more secure than Acrobat.

The other option is to remove the context menu item.


Thanks for the URL I'll try removing the Acrobat menu item. I've tried Foxit
Reader but it doesn't handle certain layers very well, plus I need to author
so I gotta stick with acrobat.

Thanks again.

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