Reverting back to win 98 from win 2000


Larry Dietz

How do I uninstall win2000 and then go back to win98 on a
system that was upgraded from win98 to win2000



Dave Patrick

To wipe the drive, some ways include; boot a win98 startup disk, run fdisk
and delete all partition information found (as long as NTFS is primary). Or
boot the Windows 2000 CD-Rom or setup disks and when you get to the point,
delete the existing NTFS and or other partitions found, then abort the
install. Or use a utility named delpart. Once removed you can partition and
format the drive as you wish. Boot the Win98 CD-Rom or restore CD-Rom to
start your install.

I'm guessing the failed install (or other issue) was the result of an
upgrade. Upgrades almost always fail. Always best to clean install.

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