Resume to Welcome Screen after screen saver



Hi all,

When I resume use of my machine from the screen saver I get the "This
computer is use and has been locked" logon dialogue instead of the welcome
screen even though the Use Welcome Screen and Use Fast User Switching options
are ticked in the User Accounts settings.

The screensaver tab in the display settings says "On resume, password
protect" instead of "On resume, show the Welcome Screen".

This is becoming a problem as other users cannot log on to my machine
without restarting if I have left it in my profile.

Does anyone know what I can do to get the Welcome Screen back when I resume
from screen saver please?!

Many Thanks,

David Hopkins


One of the other gurus might confirm or deny this... but Imy understanding is
that this behaviour (welcome screen after screensaver lock) happens if Fast
User Switching is ON and the Welcome Screen is the selected for logon method.
Which are normally the case on home computers, but not in offices.

Your session isn't actually logged-out, so without Fast User Switching
(Simultaneous logons) there would be no point in displaying the Welcome

It doesn't alter the fact that once the screensaver locks, another person
can't shutdown the computer without risking loss of data from your (still
open) documents.

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