GPO Screen Saver Impacting PowerPoint Slide Show



I have AD W2003 GPOs setup on XP PCs as part of standard build.
Users do not have rights to change Screen Saver which is set to 15 mins with
password protection via GPO

I was informed that Directors & Sales are unhappy as PowerPoint Slide Shows
are being locked out ater 15 mins of inactivity, due to GPO settings. I was
under the impression the PP slide show would overwise Screen Saver GPO.

How can I achive this ?

Are there alternatives which allows user to change Screen Saver setting
through Script / EXE before they launch PoerPoint SlideShow ?

Many thanks - Stan




One possibility is a script which simulates small mouse movements or
keystrokes (obviously ones which do not affect Powerpoint) so as to prevent
the screensaver engaging. The script would be launched before starting the

AutoIt would suggest itself as a suitable language.

For example:
opt ("mousecoordmode",1)
while 1
MouseMove ( 10, 10 , 1 )
MouseMove ( -10, -10 , 1 )

-will cause a small (10px) mouse 'shuggle' every minute, which should be
enough to reset the screensaver timer. Optionally you can check for a
powerpoint process or window being present and terminate the script the show
is no longer running. I'll leave you to figure that bit out!

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