Restrict each user to one session - Fix - Please help


Celia Doe

According to article #302883 - "Restrict Each User to One
Session" Setting in Tscc.msc Does Not Work and this is the

There are 3 Scenarios:
1)Setup the same RDP client connecting to the TS server -
the policy should take effect.
2) Setup the same applications to connect to the same TS
server - the policy should take effect.
3) However, if you setup two RDP clients connecting to two
different applications, the policy does not work because
the different applications settings make the connections
look like two seperate TS connections. Example would be
setting one RDP session to start Excel, with the other
starting NotePad.

Here is the thing. I am running a 16 bit app that needs
to be able to access each users own personal working
directory. Under the application settings, I call the
app for example - c:\app\app.exe, and under the working
directory, I call c:\user1\app\

I have 20 users, thus I have twenty working directories,
and each RDP client is setup with each users specific
directory, but it is calling the SAME application.
The setup makes sense, and accoring to Microsoft
restricting log on to one session should work if you are
calling the SAME application, but it does not. Is this
because I am using different working directories? It is
very troublesome because I have users logging into
multiple machines, and this is causing data corruption.
If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

See microsoft's logic below:

If we setup an RDP client session to be disconnected when
a new RDP client

You expect the first Remote Desktop session to be
disconnected when the new Remote Desktop session is
opened. However, the first Remote Desktop session stays
open, and the second Remote Desktop session is also opened
successfully. The same user (technically) has multiple

This policy/configuration works as expected when you do
not select any programs on connection (when the second
Remote Desktop session is opened, the first one is
disconnected). It also works even when the you try to open
multiple sessions with some program on connection,
provided that the program you selected in each connection
is the same.

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