Restore RDP file association


Jeff Vandervoort

I goofed.

I overlooked a Group Policy Object that installs Remote Desktop client v5.2
(=WS2003) on all computers before I connected the first Vista computer to
the domain. So v5.2 was automagically installed on the Vista box. My fault,
of course--but a little version checking in the v5.2 MSI sure would have
been nice.

I fixed the GPO so it wouldn't do it again, and used Programs and Features
to remove the obsolete RDP client. The v6 client works, but I lost the file
association for *.RDP when I removed v5.2.

I reassociated *.RDP with the v6 MSTSC.EXE using Open With. That worked to
get MSTSC to run the RDP file, but it uses the wrong icon, lacks the
critical Edit menu, and only benefits the user account under which the
change was made.

The file association dialog box used in Win XP, 2000, and 9x would have let
me fix this while logged on as an admin, but I don't see equivalent
functionality in Vista's Default Programs UI.

Anyone know if the Win XP RDP Client v6 will install on Vista without
hurting anything? Or how I can fix this in the registry? Hate to reinstall
Vista just to get this back. Don't want to use System Restore, either...a
week of setting up this computer after hours would go to waste.

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