Resize raid 0 volume.



I've got two 250GB Samsung SATA drives - RAID 0 - Intel 82801GR/HG
SATA Controller.

My Windows XP partition is too small (it's 30GB while the other is
Can I resize the volumes/partitions (not sure what they're called)?
Move some space from one volume to another? I'd like to have 40GB in
the Windows volume and 210GB in the other.

I've tried Partition Magic 8 and Acronis 10 (Partition Magic did some
very strange things - in several tools it would tell me I had selected
c:\ when I had really selected d:\... so I immediately switched to
Acronis). They both treat the individual volumes as hard drives, and
as far as I can tell won't let you pull some space from one to
another. It will allow you to resize the partitions within each volume
(one partition per volume), but not amongst.

Any help would be appreciated.




Are you sure youre running RAID....With a RAID set only one drive is visable,
thats C: Unless more than 1 RAID set is configured.Either way,why even run
multiple partitions with RAID,youre defeating the purpose almost..Also,most
intel RAID controllers are numbered as:82801ER/R (ER will change from contr-
oller,but the /R specifically means RAID).....

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