Reset local group policy


Jeremy Sun

I suspect one of my domain client has some wield local group policy (admin
template). I want to reset it. I don't want to reinstall the whole thing. I
have my hands on some desktops that are "clean" and I can "copy" any files,
keys from them.

So how should I reset the local group policy? Is the local group policy
stored in files, like the domain group policy? or they are simply stored in
the registry. If so where should I find them?

Steven L Umbach

If you go to the \winnt\system32\group policy\users folder you will see a
file called registry.pol. Rename the registry.pol file and either copy one
from a good computer to it and reboot or reboot the computer and a new one
will be created as soon as you open local Group Policy and enable or disable
any setting in user configuration/administrative templates to reset all
settings to undefined which may require closing and reopening gpedit.msc. I
have not tried it in while and am going for memory but I believe one of
those methods will work as I did the same thing once looking for a method to
reset user configuration local Group Policy. It is easy enough to try and
you still have the old renamed registry.pol file just in case. --- Steve

If you are talking about security policy subset of Group Policy, see the
link below and note that you can use the /areas switch to change just parts
of security policy settings. --- Steve;EN-US;313222

Jeremy Sun

I have just found the same directory and deciding if I should take the risk
of overwriting everything there from a clean source. It is good to have
someone knowing where I am and give me the hand.

Thanks Steven. It is just what I need.

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