local security policy does not get applied



i have a member server 2003 that i would like to have half local policy and
half default domain policy settings applied. when i set the options in the
local security policy, they get overwritten and it appears back to the
original install settings.
When i test on an xp box in the domain, the local settings stay. it only
happens on servers.
the default doman policy does not have these setting applied or configured.
default domain policy only has authenticated users with read and apply gpo.

Applied Group Policy Objects
Default Domain Policy

The following GPOs were not applied because they were filtered out
Local Group Policy
Filtering: Not Applied (Empty)

what would be causing the local group policy to be filtered out.
i apply settings to it, can someone explain the (empty) status.


Meinolf Weber

Hello Bryce,

Domain policies will win over local policies, so configure the needed policies
for the member servers from the domain level to a OU MEMBER SERVERS and it
should work without any problem.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Thanks for the quick reply. I understand that the GPO linked to the ou will
work, but i need to apply some setting in the local policy. it is what the
company wants.
how can i get the local policy to work an not post the (empty) or filtered
out status.
it works on the workstations but not on the member server.

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