Reset Front page Extensions?



We have recently moved our website from the space we get
with our ISP which is Unix based to a new host using
Microsoft servers with Front Page Extensions. We have
published the site using Front Page 2002 to the new
server and put a Front Page Hit Counter on the main page
(we are using Frames so the hit counter is on one of the
frames). When we publish, we get an error message saying
the server doesn't have Extensions, but we carry on and
the hit counter works after resetting the Extensions
which we can do from our Control Panel in the host's
admin site. Should I need to reset every time? I have
tried to build a response form, that does the same thing,
but works after resetting the extensions. I have reported
it as a problem to the hosting company, but they haven't
been able to fix it yet.

Any ideas or suggestions?


I have had a simliar problem and I was wondering if recalculating the server
wxtensions is the same as resetting them?

Good luck Dave...


Hi Steve,
You're a hero!
That was the answer, the hosting company had said to
publish to "" which Frontpage appears to
interpret as I cleared the publish
address and put in and it published

Many thanks,


Hi MacDaddy,
Take a look at Steve's reply to my question. It fixed my
problem, so it may fix yours!

Steve Easton

Tis not me that's the hero. It's
the many MVP's that have posted this
answer which I merely repeated.

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