Repeated attempts to open Web pages



I have two computers ( a laptop connected wirelessly and a desktop, hardwired ) connected
to the Internet via a Netgear router. Everything worked fine till yesterday, when I
experienced the following problem, which still persists, on both units :
for many Web sites I have to click several times ( minimum 6 or 7 ) on their link before
the page opens and downloads ( very fast ). Before that happens, I always get the message
" Internet Explorere cannot display the webpage".
What could be the issue ? I checked everything : MTU settings, TCP Receive Window, ran
Spybot and AdAware, cleaned the browser cache, etc....
Could someone please help ? Any clues ? Router problems ?
Thanks in advance, I am very frustrated.



I am having the same problems,,,,,did you ever resolve yours and if so can
you pass the information on to me as I am frustrated as well?


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