Repair installation file not found


Cliff Lewis

I tried to do a repair installation of XP Professional SP2. During the
installation, I got a message saying that the file viaagp1.sys was
needed from the Via Filter disk. The only disk I have that says Via on
it is the one that came with my Asus motherboard. The file is not on
that disk, unless it is in the 4-in-1 executable, which Windows
installation could not decode.

I tried hitting Cancel, and the rest of the installation continued.
Windows seems to be acting normally afterward. I found a copy of
viaagp.sys in the Windows/system32/drivers folder, but not
viaagp1.sys. In my backup program, I found viaagp1.sys saved in the
same folder.

Do I need this file? Can I simply restore it from the backup program
and copy it to the drivers folder? If not, how can I get it and
install it properly?

Cliff Lewis

Cliff Lewis

Never mind. I ran the driver installation program on the motherboard
CD, and Viaagp1.sys is now present in the drivers folder.

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