removing failed DC from domain without turning on.??



One of my Win2000 DCGC crashed.
Since I already have another Win2000 DC i just want to remove the old
one from AD.

I ran ntdsutil and I did a metdata cleanup and then ried to remove the
DC. It would not let me select it.

I cant delete the object name from ADCU.
When I hit "delete", I get the message
"DSA Object cannot be deleted"
How can I get rid of such computer account from AD ?

Microsoft says to run the ADSI edit, the ADSI edit does not display
snap-in failed to initialize.
Microsoft says that for this error i need to grant the Authenticated
Users group Read permissions on the Configuration container.
How? I am using the domain admin account, wouldnt that already have
these permissions?




Hello (e-mail address removed),

Did you follow this article:
It includes a part about the error you describe.

Best regards

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no rights.


yes, when i get to step 13 select server number(1 or 2 [i have 2 dc's
to demote this way])
It does not allow me to select any of my servers



Paul Bergson [MVP-DS]

When I have seen this happen, users usually select the wrong server that is
defined in step 5.

Paul Bergson
MVP - Directory Services
MCT, MCSE, MCSA, Security+, BS CSci
2003, 2000 (Early Achiever), NT

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This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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