error raise domain function from win2000 to win2003



error raise domain function from win2000 to win2003
the error is below
This server unwilling to process the request.

perform dcdiag /v /c /e , I found some problem.

Starting test: VerifyEnterpriseReferences

The following problems were found while verifying various important

references. Note, that these problems can be reported because of

latency in replication. So follow up to resolve the following

problems, only if the same problem is reported on all DCs for a

domain or if the problem persists after replication has had

reasonable time to replicate changes.

[1] Problem: Missing Expected Value

Base Object:


Base Object Description: "Server Object"

Value Object Attribute: serverReference

Value Object Description: "DC Account Object"

Recommended Action: This could hamper authentication (and thus

replication, etc). Check if this server is deleted, and if so

clean up this DCs Account Object. If the problem persists and

this is not a deleted DC, authoratively restore the DSA object

a good copy, for example the DSA on the DSA's home server.

how to resolve it? thanks a lot.

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