Remove protection from 2003 Excel



I have a excel (*.xls) that has been protected from evening opening in 2007
excel. We need to remove the protection from the excel & the owner/creator
has left the business. Any way to remove the protection with out the
password? Here is the message i recieve when opening.

"only supported by excel 2003"

Dave Peterson

First, I don't know all the error/warning messages that xl2007 gives, but that
looks more like a message created by a developer.

If that's true, you may be able to avoid that message by opening the workbook
with macros disabled.

If I'm wrong, there are lots of password breakers available (search google).
Some may be expensive, though. (I've never used one.)

But if I were you, I wouldn't hesitate contacting the former employee. I bet he
or she has a legal obligation to give you the password (I am not a lawyer in
whatever country you work, though.).

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