Locking Down Workbooks Properly & Disabling Functionality

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I develop a range of complex Excel models for businesses and provide
completed workbooks to clients with password protection to the point that
they cannot click on areas or copy them off to other workbooks.

However I've just been advised that, using Open Office, users can get around
passwords. Is this correct ?

Basically, I'd like to know whether there are any ways to fully lock down a
workbook so that users cannot access protected areas, copy cells / ranges,

Also, going back years (being Visual Basic was the macro language !), there
used to be a way of removing / disabling menu options, removing shortcuts,
etc. also to stop users trying to crack into the workings of a spreadsheet.
Are these still possible ? How ? Is there a book or site you know where I
can learn about doing this in Excel 2003 ?

Thanks heaps in advance.

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