Remove Protected Macro Code from Excel Module



I just downloaded the excel files in the below mentioned link and i have
opened that file after that if i open a new excel, then a window is opening
with Password 2009 message. i went through the VBA there is one protected
code is present in Project Explorer window with a name of Password2009. But
i am unable to edit or remove the code because it is protected by a password.
So anyone pls suggest me how i can remove that macro from my Excel Module.

Gary''s Student

Avoid the problem instead of trying to fix it:

1. open the downloaded file
2. open a fresh, new file
3. copy all the sheets from the downloaded file to the new file
4. save the new file


Thanks for your reply.

The problem is if i open a new workbook then that macro is automatically
loading with a Message window "PASSWORD 2009" for each and every workbook i
am opening . First the Password2009 Macro is loading after that only a new
workbook is loading.

I think it might have included in my Excel Module. Due to this all the new
work books also contains the macro. So pls guide me how i can remove that
macro from my excel module, since it is protected by password.

Dave Peterson

If you want to turn it off and turn it back on at will, you can use:

tools|Addins (xl2003 menus)
and check or uncheck the Passwords item in that list.

If you want to delete it completely
Close excel
look in your addin folders:
for me (xl2003 and winxp home), it's:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\LIBRARY

And delete that passwordx.xla file.

Then reopen excel.

If you haven't unchecked the item from the Addins list, excel will yell about
not being able to find that file.

Click through that message.

Then go into the tools|addins
and check that password (or is passwordx) option.

Excel will say that it can't find it and offer to remove it from the list.

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