Remove Prompt to Open File as Read-Only (Excel 2007)



I have an Excel file that was created using Excel 2003. The person who
created the file set protection so that every time the file is opened, a
window appears with the following message: "'filename' should be opened as
read-only unless you need to save changes to it. Open as read-only?" I am
using Excel 2007 and want to remove this prompt, but when I go to the Help
function for instructions on how to do it, it provides names of menu/ribbon
options that don't exist (see below):
1. On the Review tab, click Protect Document.
2. Select Restrict Formatting and Editing.
3. In Formatting restrictions, Editing restrictions and Start enforcement,
you can make selections that meet your formatting and editing needs.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Dave Peterson

You can use SaveAs (overwriting the existing name).

But when you show the SaveAs dialog, click on Tools|General options
Uncheck that "read only recommended" box.

Gord Dibben

Button>Save As>Excel Workbook>Tools>General Options.

Uncheck "read only recommended"


Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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