Removal of the carriage return within Word 2003




I was wondering if someone could help me out with this inquiry below. I
don't really understand it too well.

Within a document, there are a number of protected sections that are
seperated by normal freetext sections.

If the freetext is deleted (the protected sections cannot be removed)
including the carriage return between the protected sections it causes a page
break. That is, when the carriage return is removed, the file is left with
the protected section break on one line, a section continuous break on the
next line, and another protected section break on the following line. This
causes the section break to start a new page, and MS Word 2003 treats it like
a page break.

To get around this, a space character is included. So as long as the
carriage return is not deleted the extra space does not appear.

The question is, is there any way to avoid keeping the carriage return in
the document?



Stefan Blom

This sounds a bit strange. Could you describe how the document looks so that
people can try and reproduce the behavior? What kind of section breaks have
been used? Where are they located on the page?

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