Remote Procedure Call - Auto shutdown



I have a PC with WindowsXP Home edition.
When a network adapter (wireless or Ethernet) is active
upon bootup, after a few seconds I get an error message:
SYSTEM: Remote Procedure Call (RPC) terminated
then the PC automatically shuts down after a 1:00min
countdown. It keeps looping bootup /error /shutdown /
reboot etc. until I reboot with all adapters disabled.

Would anybody know what the issue is, and if there's a fix?

Marc Reynolds [MSFT]


Ken Wickes [MSFT]

This doesn't protect you from the virus at all, it just tries to hide some
of the symptoms. And some programs may not deal with the service

You still need the patches.


Ken Wickes [MSFT]
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raj said:
this virus has been around for quite a while i first came across it about
2 years ago and below i have written how to fix without having to use any
patches that may not work.
I'm not sure if this works for everyone but it worked on my computer.
to stop your computer restarting or shutting down you should. ..
1. open control panel and go to administrative tools and then services.

2.go down the list and look for nt authority, remote procedure call or
what ever service your computer says has failed before it shuts down.
3. double click on the service and then click the recovery tab.

4. change first failure from restart the computer to restart service.

5. do the same for the second and third failure.

6. then click ok and exit services


if your having problems starting your computer for long enough before it
crashes then try starting in safe mode...

p.s this just disabes the virus from doing anything get norton antivirus
or macafee or any anti virus thing just to get rid of it totally. but the
problem will not re occur if you follow my instructions above

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