Remote Procedure Call system shutdown


Peter McKee

Using Windows XP and earthlink, I have just developed a
problem that I get a System Shutdown warning within two
minutes of logging on the Net via our DSL Earthlink
connection. The Windows warning says something
like, "System Shutdown, initiated by NT Authority\system.
Windows mnust now restart because Remote Procedure Call
(RPC) Service terminated unexpectedly".

I have no ideas about solving this problems. Any kind
souls out there able to help me?

Thanks for your help.

Peter McKee - Seattle.


Ihave exactly the same problem and have no idea how to
solve it. If you should find out would you let me know

Ed Lipski

No. I think this is the patch caused this problem in the
first place.
Pray-tell how does one go about downloading a patch when 2
minutes after your connected the computer shuts down?

elliott fogel

I notice alot of people posted similar problem today - I
have a friend that just called me with same problem also.
Did the patch Alan referred to work - to me it looked like
it was Windows Server 2003??

j dee

I got the exact error message on 8/11 around 11 am Eastern
Time using Comcast Broadband. I continue to get the
messge unless I disconnect my modem from the computer
before booting. I have no idea how to fix this either.
Please help.

Al Larose

I'm also having the same prob. But I found a program that
refuses to go away that showed up the same time this prob
started. "msblast.exe". Has anyone else seen this

Barb Bowman [MVP-Windows]

j dee (everyone) -
1. unplug the cable that connects your computer to the modem
2. enable ICF (the internet connection firewall)

my column on ICF is here:

(short version of above):
To activate ICF:

1.. Click Start, and then click My Network Places.
2.. Under Network Tasks, click View Network Connections. (Alternatively,
you can right-click My Network Places and then click Properties.)
3.. Right-click the connection used for the Internet, and then click
4.. Click the Advanced tab, and select the Protect my computer and network
check box to turn on ICF. (This also makes the Settings button active,
allowing you to configure advanced parameters.)
Plug the cable back in. This will protect you long enough to get the patch
for the RPC vulnerability.

5. go to

and download the patch.

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