remote desktop through checkpoint vpn .. the "d" key minimizes all.



It's strange, but sometimes the d key does a minimize all. When it
happens my only workaround is to shut down the machine I'm remoted

Anybody on this.

Lonnie Wall

Ran into the same thing when using xrdp or xdmcp to access Ubuntu (Maverick) remotly. Anytime I hit the d key it minimized all windows.

While in an xdmcp session I opened the Keyboard mapping app and found that "Hide all normal windows and set focus to desktop" was configured for the D key.

Changed the shortcut to Alt-D and the problem went away.


Lonnie Wall wrote 3 years too late:

Another egghead boob that can't bother to notice datestamps. Oh yes,
the poster is still waiting after OVER 3 YEARS for a reply. Uh huh.

Dennis Talley

Calm down VanguardLH. I have been trying to resolve this problem NOW. By your logic, old threads should be purged as irrelevant. This thread is still relevant. Thanks to Lonnie Wall for providing a solution.

This solution worked for me. Changed keyboard mapping and rebooted. I was accessing thru VNC as well.

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