remote desktop-request denied



hello, need help figuring out why im getting "request denied" when i try to
test port 3389 at "". i have my xp box firewall disabled. i
have a westell dsl router/modem, firewall turned off., ports have been
forwarded to my box ip address. my dsl provider says that i can use remote
desktop, they dont block anything from their end. i have been searching for
weeks now trying to figure out what is blocking. have tried rebooting xp box
and router after changes... anybody know about these routers or what i must
be missing???

Sooner Al [MVP]

If you can connect over your LAN from another PC then that certainly means
the port forwarding scheme in your DSL modem/router is not correct.
Unfortunetly I have no experience with Westell devices. I suggest going to
the Westell forum on the DSLReports site and see if you can get help.

Good luck...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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