Remote Desktop Disconnect



I have a XP Pro workstation. We have 30 other PC/Thin
clients accessing a Win2000 Advanced server running
Terminal Services, RDP.

The XP station suddenly stopped accessing the Terminal
Server and throws up the following message:

Remote Desktop Disconnected
The client could not establish a connection to the remote

The most likely causes for this error are:
1) Remote connections might not be enabled at the remote
2) The maximum number of connections was exceeded at the
remote computer.
3) A network error occurred while establishing the

I have attempted changing the name of the workstation,
dropping out of the domain then rejoining, all to no
avail. I am the only user that cannot log on.

I feel there is some kind of Registry setting on my local
w/s that is preventing me from logging on to the Term.
Server. I even un-installed XP SP1 & re-installed
because of KB article :

328930 - Cannot Reconnect to Remote Desktop After a
Disconnection During Windows XP Service Pack 1

Does anyone have any ideas?





If you check the terminal server system event log
precisely the time you attempt a connection, you will
receive the following error message:

Event ID: 1004
Source: TermService
The terminal server cannot issue a client license.
See MSFT KB: 813508

I havent found a fix/solution yet.
if you do, can you email me at (e-mail address removed)

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