windows 2003 server remote desktop problems



I am a newbie to the server world and have set up win 2003 server enterprise
edition - I have enabled remoted desktop access - i have added a "special"
user to allow for incoming remote desktop control - i have added this user t
o the remote desktop user group. I tried to connect from my xp machine and
was able to the first time...once i disconnected, i am not able to reconnect
no matter what i do, restart the machine, re initiate remote desktop, insta
ll terminal services, etc.

i have set my disconnect options to "end session upon disconnect" and reduce
d the disconnect time to "1 minute" - obviously not knowing what i am doing

can someone please help figure out how i can make so that i can repeatedly c
onnect to my server via remote desktop

thank you so much



Vera Noest [MVP]

Anything in the EventLog on the server when you try to connect?
Connecting once and then no more sounds like a typical licensing
problem. You did *not* install Terminal Services, did you?

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