Remote Assistance Error "has closed connection to your computer"



Remote Assistance has been working fine between my mom's machine and mine
for many months. Then, while helping her sort some E-Mail we were
disconnected. Now whenever we try to do remote assistance it fails with the
message "has closed connection to your computer" (no username, just that
message exactly).

I tried knowledgebase article 300067 but found all the required groups were
listed. Also, in that article they say a username usually appears in front
of the error message, in this case it doesn't.

I have XP Pro, she has XP Home, both have SP2 installed. She has
Symantec/Norton antivirus and I have AGV. The only recent changes to the
computers were some live updates to norton on her end. Any ideas?





Sooner Al [MVP]

Any chance your running NAV 2005? The built-in worm protection causes problems with TCP Port 3389,
which is used by both Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance.

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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