Remote assistance



I am unable to establish a Remote Assistance connection with a family member.
When I try from my computer using IM I get notified when my invitation is
received and accepted by my daughter. Then a message pops up that say "Remote
Assistance connection could not be established because remote host name could
not be resolved." When I try to connect tjru Outlook express using her MSN
hotmail address I get the following: "The connection to the server has
failed.Account, Server protocol SMTP, Secure
(SSL), No, Socket Error: 10060, error number 0x800CCE0E" When my daughter
invites me I get notified that the invitation has been recieved and accepted.
I then get a message box showing that RA is loading, then I get a RA web
dialog page that says RA connection has failed. I have researched any
reference I could find about RA in any file or program on my computer with no
results. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I guess
you can tell that kinda new at this.


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