Reinstalled XP, Lost Video Card



This afternoon I reinstalled XP on my system (don't ask) and find I'm
running on the default video driver. I have an nVidia GeForce Ti 4200 AGP 8X
and it is found during POST, but is not listed in Device Manager. I
reinstalled the latest nVidia drivers (V61.77) and they seemed to install
I went into BIOS and selected AGP for "Primary Graphics Adapter" and YES for
"Plug and Play Aware OS" (the defaults are PCI and NO...I did try both
selections). My MOBO does not seem to have onboard graphics. At least there
is no monitor connector on it and I couldn't find any reference to it in BIOS.
The last thing I tried was reseating the card even though it was showing up
in POST, but I still can't run Age of Mythology or Morrowind and I'm getting
bummed out. Any help will be appreciated.



Mark L. Ferguson

I would try the card in another system, and if not possible, take it to a
shop to have them test it.

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