reinstalled 2007, restore data methods



I need to restore all data after a system restore and reinstall of OL 2007.
I would appreciate confirmation that this is the process to use, paraphrased
from a popular book, and some clarification before i do this, as I am very
uneasy about losing these records. I have an auto archive file from a week
earlier that I intend to use.
1. Open OL. Choose File>open>open data file
2. Highlight the files with the date closest to the event which led to the
reinstall. Or maybe just one at a time. There are a few, with similar names.
3. A folder is supposed to open called Archive Folders. I am not sure where
that is going to be, but I am then supposed to expand it. my data will
appear eventually in the right pane. I wish I knew what that looks like.
4. Drag the folder to the original folder in which the data was stored. This
I just do not follow. What does that mean? I have not figured out what the
original folder would be called or where to find it. Can someone give me an
5. Drag the rest to their destinations. I don’t know what their
destinations are, however.
There is an alternative method: restoring by importing. This seems to
require decisions like about allowing duplicates or not, and importing into
current folder or Same folder In. If this is the preferred method, would
someone please offer step by step instructions with recommendations about
how to make those decisions?
Thank you.



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Nope. Not even close. Where did you ever find this garbage?
1. The data file you need would never be called "Archive Folders." Read the
name. Those are archive folders, not your data file and not even remotely a
backup of your data file.
2. No need to drag and drop anything. Once you find the correct folder, just
open it and use it.
3. Never import Outlook data.
Correct information on backing up and restoring Outlook data is posted here
every day. Take a look at these pages for info on Outlook data backup or

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