OL 2003- Impact of Reorganizing Folders on Archived Files



I had to do a complete XP Pro Sp3 a while back and when I reinstalled OL 2003
the previous arhive files were lost (or actually I probably didn't reinstall
OL correctly). Anyway I need to reorganize my personal folders and have
waited to setup new archives until that task was completed but it is an
ongoing process. So my question is if I go ahead and setup archiving now,
what is the impact on the archived file when I make changes to the folder
organization? Hope this question makes sense and thanks in advance ....



Roady [MVP]

If you're using AutoArchive, your mails get archived in the same folder
structure as they are in now. If you later move around your folders, they
won't get moved in the archive folder. When AutoArchive runs after you have
reorganized your folder structure, then additional folders will be created
in the archive.

For future reference;
To backup your pst-files see;

To move your main pst-file see;

To relocate your archive see;

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