registry permissions



I was installing norton goback when I received the error message:Error 1406.
not write value to key \CcWebWnd.ccWebWindow.1\CLSID. Verify that you have
sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.
A symantec online rep told me that I didn't have the necessary permissions
to complete this install.
How can this be? This is my machine. Aren't I the administrator by default?
Eventually, I was told to go to the registry editor and add certain
permissions to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key.
I understand that the registry is a very touchy and dangerous place for
But it seems that I need to make these adjustments in order to install my
Please advise.

Thank You

Another Brian

If you right-click on the Start button, do you see "Explore All
Users"? If you do not, you do not have Administrator rights. You'll
need to log onto the Administrator account or an account that does
have Administrator rights.


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