registery corrupt, can't reload windows



My registery has become corrupt and is missing an entry I
think. I try and reload Windows but it tells me another
application did not finish loading. I did try and load
Nortan Antivirus Corporate but it wouldn't load.
The reason I believe it is my registry is due to the
following msg from the event log.
If I could reload Windows 2000 Professional I think I
would be okay. Anyone please help!!!

WMI ADAP was unable to create object
Win32_PerfRawData_MSDTC_AccountingRequests for Performance
Library MSDTC because no value was found for property
index 2152 in the 009 subkey

Dave Patrick

To do a clean install, either boot the Windows 2000 CD-Rom or setup disks.
The set of four install disks can be created from your Win2k CD-rom; change
to the \bootdisk directory on the cd-rom and execute makeboot.exe (from dos)
or makebt32.exe (from 32 bit) and follow the prompts.

When you get to the point, delete the existing NTFS and or other partitions
found. After you delete the partition(s) abort the install, then again
restart the pc booting the CD-Rom or setup disks to avoid unexpected drive
letter assignments with your new install.

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