Regedit for Passwords...anyone try it?



Hey there

I've found the solution for the repeating password prompts, but I'm a bit of
a novice about computers and changing things in my registry makes me a bit

So, has anyone else followed the Microsoft recommendations and changed their
Protected Storage System Provider? MS has a warning before this solution,
so I want to see if anyone else has had any problems.

Also, it keeps asking me about identites and the need to edit the identity
that I'm using. But, I don't have any "identities" that I'm aware of. I'm
using a PC from my home with a cable modem only. I don't manually login to
anything when I boot up.

For my Outlook 2002 software, I have a Hotmail and 2 POP3 accounts. The POP
accounts are set up to send emails with my personal name and my business
name. One email address is from my provider (, the other is
my permanent forwarding emails which goes to the same provider ( to My business emails are sent to me directly, my personal
emails are forwarded to me.

So, I need to change the password settings for all 3, but I'm not sure if
changing the *Local Folder* file will work for all 3. And if I have any
problems, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to fix it myself....

Any input would be appreciated.




Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

It's good to be nervous about modifying the registry, but it's fine in this
case if you're very careful. You can always export the key before changing
it - save it on your desktop as a .reg file.

For Outlook 2000 or 2002 on Win 98, NT, or 2000:;EN-US;Q290684

For Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000:



For all Outlook versions on Windows XP (just ignore the parts that refer to
Outlook Express):;EN-US;q264672

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