"Redirect to Personal Folder on Startup and close

Aug 3, 2012
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I have a kind of unique situation.

I work for a big firm and there are lots of automated emails for all typees of things. I have in the past just created a rule that sends them down to a junk personal folder so I never have to see them. This is a client-only rule.

Recently I got a promotion where I need to have access to my email all the time, Becasue of the amount of automated emails I ccouldn't easiely read through my emails on my phone, so I changed the rule to direct the automated emails to subfolders in my inbox.

My problem now is that there are so many that i get warning emails about my mailbox being over limit every couple of hours. Can i create a rule or input a macro that will move files that lands in a subfolder in my inbox to a folder in my personal folder so that when I lookat my inbox through my phone the files are routed to a subfolder, but when I am on at work the files are movign down to a personal folerder, not filling up my capacity limit.

I'm on 2007. Thanks,


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