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Please help!!! My corporate help desk doesn't have the expertise to resolve
& these rule failures are derailing a request management system that was
implemented a few weeks ago.

I'm running Outlook 2003 and am experiencing issues with inbox rules running
on a Group Mailbox I own (versus my personal mailbox).

1) Two redirect rules appear to be firing twice/back-to-back as recipients
receive the same e-mail twice; and
2) One redirect rule and the related filing rule aren't working...recipients
in redirect aren't receiving the e-mail & the e-mail isn't filed.

I currently have 45 rules: 22 that redirect & 23 that file. Currently, only
3 of the redirect rules and 1 of the filing rules are having issues. All
redirect rules use the same logic (just look for different text & then send
to different destinations) and filing rules use the same logic (just look for
different text & then file in a different folder).

Redirect rules preceed filing rules. I'm not able to consolidate rules any
more than I already have - e.g., Outlook doesn't allow me to redirect & file
in the same rule. Rules are simple - apply to all e-mails with no exceptions.
Redirect rule logic:
Apply this rule after the message arrives
with <unique text string> in the subject
redirect it to <defined name or distribution group>
Filing rule logic:
Apply this rule after the message arrives
with <unique text string> in the subject
move it to the <folder name> folder

All incoming e-mails (to which I'm applying the rules) come from the same
external source.

FYI: These inbox rules are needed to support a request process for my
department. A user submits a request in an external application. The
external application sends a notification e-mails to my group mailbox for
every new request. My group mailbox inbox rules redirect e-mails to the
appropriate groups based on what is being requested (that information is in
the e-mail I receive). After redirecting, another inbox rule files the
e-mail in a request-type-specific folder (subfolder of the Inbox).
(Unfortunately, the external application is limited to sending all requests
to a single mailbox, my group e-mail box...I can't incorporate the logic
there and eliminate the need for my inbox rules.)

I've heard that there's a rule file somewhere that has a storage limit of
32kb. I'm wondering if I'm getting close to the maximum size and that is
resulting in the 'flaky' performance. My company's support desk can't tell
me what/where file that is, and thus can't tell me what the file size is.
When I apply the rules, they successfully save & all remain 'checked'. When
developing the rules a few weeks ago, I believe I exceeded the file size
because I wasn't able to apply/save my rule changes. As my file saves now, I
believe I must be under the maximum file size / 32kb.

If file size is the issue, I can shorten rule names and folder names...I
could even delete the filing rules if needed - they are for my convenience
and don't serve a business/process purpose. However, I don't want to revamp
all the rules unless it looks like that might add value / fix the problems.

Any ideas on my I might be experiencing these issues? Any ideas on how to
fix? Any idea what name of the the rule file is and where it might be found?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

What version of Exchange? Yes, there is a 32KB limit in Exchange 2003 and
older - and if you have 45 rules, you've probably hit it (20 is about the
tops). Try making a new rule and see if outlook/exchange complains.

Do you have stop processing enabled?

If you think the rules are bad, export them and then restart outlook using
the /cleanserverrules switch. When Outlook starts you'll get a dialog
asking if you want to update the server with the rules in outlook.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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