red 'x' appeared on audio/music line



hello all.

been watching a movie i made on player quite regularly. Didnt play it fora
few weeks then when i next opened the poject file i noticed a row of red 'x's
on the audio line. Clicking on these i was given the option to browe to look
for them. i found the whole tracks that i had orignally imported from CD's
but not the edited bits of the tracks that i used in the movie (As
soundtrack). Trying to load these whole tracks into MM, the software replied
saying it will not work as not similar enough to original file (or words to
that effect!).
Can anybody shed anylight on how i can find the edited clips of music that
were the soundtrack on the audio/music line? Where they may have gone!

Any help would be appreciated. At the moment i am faced with the prospects
of working again with the whole tracks and cutting them again to fit in with
the images..AArrgh!


oh just sorted it. thanks eeyore for your clear guidance it got me out of a


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