recovering from quorum disk hardware failure.



We recently had the had the quorum disk hardrive on our w2k cluster die. We
replaced it and followed the instructions given in the article: . We successfully wrote the
signature from the old quorum disk to the new quorum disk. However, we are
still unable to start the service. We recieve the following information in
the system event log:

Event Type: Information
Event Source: ClusSvc
Event Category: (2052)
Event ID: 1120
Date: 11/9/2004
Time: 8:12:32 AM
User: N/A
Computer: (server name)
The DLL associated with cluster disk resource 'Disk Q:' is attempting to
change the drive letter parameters from 'Q ' to 'Q ' in the cluster hive. If
your restore database operation failed, this could be caused by the
replacement of a quorum drive with a different partition layout from the
original quorum drive at the time the database backup was made. If this is
the case and you would like to use the new disk as the quorum drive, we
suggest that you stop the cluster disk service, change the drive letter(s)
of this drive to 'Q ', start the cluster disk service and retry the restore
database procedure.

The Cluster obviously is not recognizing the quorum disk. The info in this
message gives reference to different partition layout. Does anyone know are
there specific requirements for the new set of hardware? Does the disk
size, type and partition size need to be equavalent? Are there any other
steps we may be missing in the process.



Sundaram Narayanan[MSFT]

Could you try

It is unlikely you will get a good answer here especially since different
volume labels does nto seem to be your problem.

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