recover mails from .bak file in ms outlook



Dear All

I had some problem with MS Outlook (2003). I found that there was
problem with .PST file

I tried to repair it with SCANPST.EXE. It repaired my OUTLOOK.PST fil
but many mails are missing.

I had taken bakup of .PST file into .BAK file.

Please guide me how can in recover my mails from .BAK file




If you have a backup copy of your pst and you recover it, then you may well
find the problem is also recovered.

What format is your pst file? - If your pst is open in Outlook, select
properties of the personal folders, Advanced, what is shown for Format?
What size is it?

If you selected the option in scanpst it will have crated a copy of the
origonal, prior to repairing

You recover a back file by using the same software you used to create it,
and if possible you recover it to some other location, eg My Documents, so
that it doesnt overwrite your existing pst

Brian Tillman

vimalrupera said:
Please guide me how can in recover my mails from .BAK file

Read the documentation for the app that you used to create the .bak file.

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