Recipients getting winmail.dat attachments in OL 2007



I am having a bugger of a time with winmail.dat problems in Outlook 2007. I
am using Outlook 2k7 with an IMAP account. When I sometimes send a colleague
an email with attachments or to myself the attachments will show up as
winmail.dat. This does not consistently happen, but enough to where it's
bothersome. I tried the suggestions at this website:

Unfortunately, none of them worked. I don't know what else to do and this
has become a real pain in the rear end. I'd appreciate any help or
suggestions that can be offered. Thank you.



Roady [MVP]

In which mail format does the message show in your Sent Items folder?
In which mail format does the message show in the Inbox folder of the
Are any of you using a virus scanner that integrates with Outlook?
Disable/uninstall this integration and try again.

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