Receiving Microsoft Exchange is unavailable



We are using Exchange07 Server/Outlook 2007 client
I have ran office diagnostic which did identified/took corrective action on
1 problem; remove/add profile from mail applet in control panel, made sure
user is not using cache exchange mode and as a last resort, created a new
windows profile.

Here is the issue:
I have 1 user, when they double click the Outlook icon, they receive:
connecting to Microsoft Exchange dialog box. When you type in
domain/username + password, you receive Microsoft exchange is unavailable.
Your options are: retry, work offline or cancel. I would then reboot the PC,
double click the Outlook icon, Outlook will then open as it should without
receiving the Microsoft Exchange dialog box. As long as the user does not
have to reboot the PC they are fine working in Outlook. If a reboot takes
place, then we are back to "Microsoft Exchange is unavailable".

Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so, can you offer any




Have you ruled out the obvious things like questionable network cable,
network card (e.g. turn off power mgmt), port on the network switch, network
jack on wall, duplicate ip addresses, duplicate workstation names, .etc?



Kathleen Orland

Have you tried logging them onto a different PC to see if the problem
follows them?

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