receiving But unable to send mail



I have been using windows mail for almost year now. while i'munable to send
mail i can receive it. keep getting error message

The rejected e-mail address was '(e-mail address removed)'. Subject 'test',
Account: '', Server: '', Protocol:
SMTP, Server Response: '550 5.1.0 Authentication required', Port: 587,
Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC78

Gary VanderMolen

Make sure you have send authentication enabled.
Go to Tools, Accounts, select that account, Properties, Servers.
The box for "My server requires authentication" must be checked.


Gary, I have almost the same problem. I can always receive, but most of the
time, I have to try 4 or 5 times to send. It finally works, however, I do
Not have the box you mentioned checked.
Today, I experienced something different. I am at a resort and have access
to a cable connection, and I could not send at all. I could receive, tho. I
then switched to my AT&T wireless connection and I could send after 3 tries.
I still do not have the box checked, although after I finish this, I will
check it and see what happens,I just wanted to see what you had to say about
I have Vista and Win mail.
Thanks for your help,

Gary VanderMolen

Being unable to send from a connection away from home is
quite normal. As a general rule, the owner of the SMTP server
must be the same as the one providing your Internet
connection at that moment. For more on this see

The available workarounds when sending away from home are as follows:

1. Use webmail for sending (via your browser).
2. Ask your home ISP if they have a port other than '25' for SMTP.
3. If you use the same away-from-home connection frequently, substitute the SMTP
server belonging to that connection. This is a bit tricky, but if you want to go that route,
I can provide more details.
4. If you frequently send from multiple locations, get a free Gmail account,
configure it for POP access, and use it for your sending chores.
Gmail uses port 465 for SMTP, which is not blocked like port 25 is.

As for sending taking several tries, is there an error message when it
doesn't go? If so, right-click on your error message, copy, then paste it
into a reply here.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)


This is the msg while on cable.

"The connection to the server has failed. Subject 'Re: packages', Account:
'', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP,
Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E"

I tried to send the same msg when I switched to ATT wireless, and it went
thru the first time.

Gary VanderMolen

So, if Ultravision was not supplying your connection to the Internet
at that moment, that would explain the error message.

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