Reboot/shutdown problems after installing patches




I'm installing a new HP Proliant DL380 G4 wit Windows 2000 server (SP4).
After applying all MS critical patches, the server won't restart (or

Restarting the server shows the 'Windows is shutting down' and after some
time the 'black' screen. Normally you would now see the BIOS startup screens,
but only with a reset of the power button the server will boot. So, nothing
happens after it looks like Windows 2000 closed successfully.

HP replaced the systemboard and did some diagnostics but couldn't find any
(hardware) erros. I've updated the firmware/drivers using the last HP cd's
and also used Windows update to guarantee everything is up-to-date. No errors
are found in the eventviewer or HP logs.

Before installing the MS patches everything worked fine

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help...


12/30/2008 -
Sort of jumping in the middle here, got to see your post when it came up as
an outlier on a Google search, so don't know what feedback you've gotten, but
I have installed and updated Windows 2000 Professional four times and the
same issue emerges each and every time once sp4 is successfully installed.

By way of a work around I've found a few approaches -- Gibson Research, provides a free windows utility called WIZMO - you install just
the Wizmo.exe in your Windows directory, and then by running simple phrases
Wizmo reboot, Wizmo shutdown, etc , or Wizmo reboot! etc while holding down
the shift key it may work for you.

Similarly there is an Iarsn utility called TaskInfo.exe and you have the
same options to shutdown, reboot, force shutdown, force reboot, from the
utility icon in the systems tray or the application window.

The latest workaround is an applet called "psshutdown.exe" from the former
Systems Internal Group, now a part of Microsoft -- I
believe will get you there. You can dld the psshutdown as a stand alone or a
part of the Systems Internal suite of Windows tools, available free, at the

Quite frankly I haven't been successful in debugging the shutdown or reboot
problems and issues -- I don't see any changes from pre-SP4 to post-SP4, and
since W2KP, W2KS, and W2kES are all considered superannuated products by
Microsoft think we'll all have to work this out ourselves.

BTW - if you got any other suggestions, or patches, or workarounds, please
let me know if you would -- its so frustrating to have the oem version, SP1,
SP2, and SP3 install so smooth w/o problems and then have such an obvious
problem with sp4 consistently rear its ugly head .....

You didn't mention the update rollup after installing SP4 and I don't know
if there is one available for W2KS, but as with SP4 I've installed it
repeatedly and it doesn't correct the shutdown/reboot/logoff etc. issues
that appear after SP4 install.

Regards, al thumbs

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