IE6 SP1 Windows Update Disables Add/Remove Programs



I installed a clean copy of Windows 2000 Server on both an
HP DL380 and a DELL PE2650. I ran the Windows Update and
after installing the IE6 SP1 update, it disabled the
Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

The Microsoft Knowledge Base has an Article (265829), but
that does not resolve the problem. The only way that I
found to fix this is to reinsert the Windows CD and run
the upgrade option. After that, the Add/Remove Programs
applet works. If I run the update again, it will be
disabled again.

Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to resolve


R Dunn

Steve -

Here's what I've done in the past to fix it:

Something to test out first:

Log in as a different user - check to see if add/remove programs comes up.
If it does - you may just be able to re-install IE6SP1.

If not - I performed these steps, and it seemed to work for me every time:

Good luck!

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