Read mail appears in unread folder on Outlook 2007 open


Scott Brooks

My read emails still appear in my unread folder each time I open
Outlook 2007. I can close Outlook, change to a folder, view my
contacts, calendar, et al, and still when I click on the Unread Mail
folder I see my folders with unread mail as bold and the read folders
not bold. The only way they don't appear is if I delete them (which is
not always practical).

I did a clean install of Tablet PC edition (as a "new" system, since
TPC isn't available) when I moved from Office 2003 Professional to
Office 2007 Enterprise. The changes are:

I am now using Business Contact Manager

I am using ZoneAlarm Suite instead of Norton Internet Security.

Can anyone offer assistance to rectify this annoyance?


As far as I know, Outlook 2007 is still having some issues with search
folders. Stay tuned for possible news about a hotfix.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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