Re: why does my screen jump to top when i am typing an email?



Thanks Techinst and Rick.

Techinst---I added you to my list, which continues below, and which
consists of more posts I found in microsoft.public.outlook.general and

(26) Mr e:
And me! It's enormously annoying, and I can't figure it out. It seems
to occur when the characters in a line length are longer than a
previous one, but this doesn't seem to happen when the message is
still all visible and the scoll button is at the at the top, only if
the scroll button has moved, at which point it'll jump back to the
top. I'm even condsidering writing emails in haiku until a resolution
is found.

(27) jingso:
Same glitch here and it's driving me insane. I don't know where else
to look for answers. I've tried everything I can think of.

(28) (e-mail address removed):
I have a user who has an annoying issue when composing a new email.
When the body of the message exceeds the vertical size of the text
area, instead of scrolling down with the text, the text area scrolls
to the top so she can't see what she's typing. This is Outlook 2007 on
a cleanly installed system.

(29) Gary Hillerson:
I'm experiencing a new problem, and can't figure out why. When i'm
composing a long message, the message window scrolls strangely, and
displays the top of the window, such that I'm not seeing what I'm
typing. Text entry is happening in the right place, but the window
display is wrong. I have to continually scroll back down to see what
I'm typing, and as soon as the line wraps, it happens again. ugghh
This seems to happen whether i'm using HTML, Rich Text, or plain text.

(30) Pat Adams:
On a couple of our desktop computers running Office 2007 on Windows XP
with HTML as the Outlook email format, the cursor jumps to the top of
the window rather than scroll down as the user is typing a message
that exceeds the size of the message window. It happens only from time
to time, but the same two people are the only ones having the
(I think Pat is confused about the position of the cursor and the
scrolling action that takes place--or else this is a different problem-

(31) TechInst:
Add me to your list. For me, it happens whenever Outlook 2007 does an
automatic send/receive. ... driving me nuts!! Has anyone else
correlated it to an auto send/receive?

So there are now over 30 Outlook 2007 users who have posted that they
are experiencing this problem!!
So far I think Mr e's suggestion of writing in haiku is the most
useful workaround I have seen.



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