RE: Microsoft Word 2007 Equation Editor



Hi there,

Feel a little bit stupid asking this, but does anybody know how I can change
the Equation Editor font from Cambria Math?? It never used to be this
difficult on the older versions!!

Best regards,


Bob Buckland ?:-\)

Hi Matt,

For the Word 2007 Equation Editor the only provided font that has the character glyphs used in the equations is MS's Cambria Math.
You can apply another font within a document but the result may not be what you expect.

There are a couple of 3rd party ones being developed, but last I checked they were still not released, such as .

Hi Terry,

Tried what you said, although in the dialog box, it will only let me select
Cambria Math as the default font for the 'math regions'??


Matt >>

Bob Buckland ?:)
MS Office System Products MVP

*Courtesy is not expensive and can pay big dividends*

Terry Farrell

If it is at all possible, adding the fonts in the normal way for Windows
through Control Panel, Fonts, Add New Fonts dialog. Once installed, run Word
and see if the option to select one of the new fonts from the EE Ribbon
Tools, Dialog. If the dialog still only shows Cambria Maths, then you will
have to create your Es using Cambria Maths and when done, select the Es and
use the Font dialog to change the font to one of the new ones installed.
However, I'm not convinced that it will work. It may require registry
hacking and if the new fonts are not 100% compatible, then it may cause real



Hello Terry,

I've tried all your suggestions (besides registry hacking). The dialog, in
this case, still uses Cambria Math. When I attempt to change the font of the
equation, the font returns to Cambria Math again, even if the equation only
contains numerals or text. I would be interested in the registry hacking,
though, if possible.


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