RapportService.exe constantly running


Cat Girl

Hi I am a complete novice so please be gentle with me!
I noticed that my curser kept having the little blue circle come up to
signify something is working in the background, this has happened for the
last 2 days. I have checked and RapportService.exe is constantly running even
when not connected to the Internet and uses up to 50% of CPU. Following
advice from previous threads I downloaded Malwarebytes and it has found 2
things and deleted them, they were Adware and Wormp2p. However
RapportService.exe is still wirring away. I know this is the software from
the Banks so am worried that someone is trying to attack my PC and that it is
why it is constantly going. I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 yesterday so
dont know if that has any bearing on it. Also have Norton 360.
Any advice please? Thanks


Hi there!

You are correct, that software is indeed for safety on banking. Don`t be
wooried as this program connot hijack your information. BUT it is very
unusaul that the CPU usage is so high. This app. is only suppose to use
0.28% average.

Try reinstalling this software. Let me know if you need more help.

ByeBye :)

Cat Girl

HI, thanks for replying, I have uninstalled and reinstalled and now
everything fine.

Gene E. Bloch

Here's what undisclosed wrote on 9/14/09:
I seem to be having the same problem, rapportservice.exe is running at
about 50% on my vista machine. I tried to uninstall it to fix the
problem, but i allegedly don't have the rights to do so. So I now can't
find the programe in add/remove programs but it also wont allow me to
re-install the programe.
Any more advice.

Scan for malware...

You can Google for rapportservice.exe. There isn't much information,
but what I see makes me think it's bad stuff (it is possibly a question
of interpretation).

Look here:

Inter alia, it tells you where the executable is.

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