explorer constantly crashing



Can someone help me please

I have an advent 9517 centrino duo core running vista home premium with 2 gb
this laptop keeps on crashing constantly every time I open or close a window
or a file,copy anything around the machine or start multitasking or sometimes
running visualisations from jet audio or winamp.
when I copy to and from my datastick to hard drive and after safely
removing the data stick explorer consistantly crashes every time.

Whenever explorer crashes for whatever reason werfault starts in the
background but does absolutly nothing apart from hogging my cpu and grinding
my machine to a crawl I have to cntrl alt del to call up task manager to
terminate werfault and explorer then start restart explorer again.
taskmanager is so active with all the tasks swapping lines rapidly I have to
chase werfault and explorer within task manager just so I can hightlight them
to stop the proccesses.when explorer crashes I loose all control of the
windows environment but still have
control of whatever applications that are running.when I terminate werfault
it terminates the program which caused the crash.

This all happens very regularly up to 15 time an hour but at random
intervals, apart from the data stick crashes which happens every time. its
fustrating me and driving me crazy.

After testing everything I have come to the conclusion that this is being
caused by volume shadow copy or an aero glass conflict

concering transparent graphics since graphical intensive programs seem to
crash the system regularly but they work.
prior to this problem starting, my machine was super stable until I
partitioned my drive to keep my data on the second partition,
hence why I point a finger at volume shadow copy can any one tell me how to
put this right without having to system restore or wipe the machine clean.

crashes regularly

1.after clicking on safely remove hardware and removing data stick or any
external usb drive. explorer crashes werfault does nothing
2.running winamp especialy when running visualisations in background and
full screen modes
3. jet audio once again when running visuals in back ground and full screen
4. after moving from D: drive to c: drive
5. opening and closing folders or windows



Paul Montgumdrop

boss007 said:
Can someone help me please

Did you install anything on the system lately and then Explore started

That's what happened to me is I installed an ActiveX control for the
browser that was not Vista compatible, and it lead to Explore crashing.

Explore went into a crash loop to the point that the O/S couldn't get to
the desktop when the machine was booted.

The only way I could stop it was to restore back to a point that the
ActiveX control had not been introduced to the system.

It's not impossible that malware could have been introduced to the
machine that could also be leading to Explore crashing, as well

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